2003-10-30 13:44:03

The fan that sits on top of my VIA KT266A Chipset (whatever that is) in my computer is driving me nuts. It’s either just vibrating or the motor that drives the fan is flagging. I can’t find a small enough Phillips head screwdriver to undo the screws holding the fan on, so for now I’ve taken to sticking my finger or something else into the fan, which stops it vibrating for a few hours, or even all day/night if I’m lucky. You won’t find that technique in the PC repair manual!

Twice now Vodafone sales reps have failed to get back to me with a price on the Siemens M55. Last Saturday when I was in their store, one of the staff said he thought Vodafone was offering the M55 for $350, which is the best price I’ve found for it so far. To be honest, I’d be very surprised if they were selling it for that price. I think the sales rep might have gotten his wires crossed. Initially he tried to tell me it was $180 or something, then realised that was the A55, not the M55!

Man, I am seriously going to jam a wrench in that fan in a minute!