2003-09-26 02:54:57

I think I’ve finished preparing my presentation for ICON. Now I just need to practice it once or twice before Wednesday.

The parents are in Brisvegas today. Taking them out for dinner tonight. I’d make Devonshire tea for them, like I did last time they came south, but I’m a tad busy ATM. Ain’t nothin’ quite like a home-made Devonshire tea of a mid-morning or afternoon, complete with mock clotted cream. I haven’t seen real clotted cream in Australia (the cows aren’t quite right :), but you can whip up something resembling Devon clotted cream in terms of texture and taste with a mixture of thickened cream, sour cream and castor sugar. There are much more elaborate ways to fake clotted cream involving cream cheese, gelatin and vanilla among other ingredients, but I think the simple recipe suffices.

Time to practice that presentation!