2003-07-29 00:18:13

During the past couple of weeks my productivity has taken a slide. To combat this, I’ve asked Jaga for more regular meetings. I also find that having to take tutorials during semester actually helps my Ph.D productivity in some ways. Teaching once a week puts my brain in gear, and it acts like a kind of heart beat that gives my academic week some sort of rhythm. I’m also attending a seminar series on Complex Systems this semester, which should help a bit further. Given the direction of my thesis, it should also be very relevant. The seminar series is actually just the lecture component of a computer science subject, but it was widely advertised to academics and post-grad students in case they wanted to attend. The first lecture was yesterday, and it covered some very introductory material on complex systems and complex networks in particular. At the moment, my mind is too free to wander, but these more regular appointments should put an end to that.