2003-07-21 08:14:35

I’ve been given the task of reviewing another three papers today. They appear to be of a higher standard than the previous paper I reviewed. But this is not a good sign from my point of view, since my paper is competing with these ones.

In other developments, one of my colleagues, whom we shall call George, seems to have been swallowed up by a black hole or something at around lunchtime today. George was a bit cross about something or other, and went for a walk, or so I assumed. But George did not return. At least George hadn’t returned when I left the office to get a haircut at 5pm.

Which brings me to the next development. I went to the hairdresser today, and had a lot of hair removed, although only the very observant will notice. My mane is still as long as it was, but not as thick. My head is still as thick as it always was. :)

When I got home this evening I read ABC news as I usually do, and found this story about some research that suggests eating pizza on a regular basis could reduce the risk of contracting various kinds of cancer. The research, funnily enough, was performed by Italian scientists. Hmm. Nevertheless, guess what we’re having for dinner tonight!