Startup: an explanation

It’s probably time to come clean about my recent spate of posts on startups, Ruby, Python and so on. Well, there are a few things about peer review and publishing in the realm of academia that I think could be better, so I tried to figure out an alternative process that retains the benefits and Read more about Startup: an explanation[…]

Ricky, Ruby and Rails (hypothetically speaking)

In the bits of spare time I get here and there, I’ve been continuing my hypothetical hunt for a language and web framework in which to implement my hypothetical "web 2.0" idea. It occurs to me that if all these little bits of spare time were clumped together so that I could, hypothetically, do some Read more about Ricky, Ruby and Rails (hypothetically speaking)[…]

Programming Collective Intelligence

I’ve been reading a fantastic book written by Toby Segaran called Programming Collective Intelligence: Building Smart Web 2.0 Applications. I’m about two thirds of the way through, but it’s so good that I’m not going to wait until I finish reading it before blogging it. Essentially, it’s a recipe book for machine learning algorithms that Read more about Programming Collective Intelligence[…]

Startup: what you said

So it turns out that quite a few readers of this weblog use Bloglines. For some reason, Bloglines stopped sucking down the RSS feed for this weblog after March 19 until three days ago. Did other feed readers experience similar difficulties with my blog? I know Google Reader continued to work, as did the RSS Read more about Startup: what you said[…]

Startup: a hypothetical scenario

Picture yourself in the following situation. You’ve come up with what you think is a cool idea for a so-called web 2.0 site. Furthermore, you’ve managed to convince some VC types to invest some (pre-)seed funding – enough to develop a public beta. You developed a quick and dirty proof-of-concept to show the VCs, but Read more about Startup: a hypothetical scenario[…]

Another tangible user interface

The GroupLab at the University of Calgary has published a technical report describing Souvenirs, a tangible user interface for sharing digital photos in the home environment. It is very similar in spirit to Bowl, which I’ve previously blogged. Souvenirs will be formally published in the Proceedings of the 2008 ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems. Read more about Another tangible user interface[…]

Finding a human need

I’ve been reading over old ubicomp papers in preparation for a new project at NICTA. So it was that I found myself reading “Charting Past, Present, and Future Research in Ubiquitous Computing“, by Gregory Abowd and Elizabeth Mynatt (whom, incidentally, should surely be listed among those ubiquitous computing researchers who inspire me – particularly Abowd, Read more about Finding a human need[…]