iCal/Exchange Integration in Snow Leopard – Booking Shared Resources

So I’ve been using Snow Leopard for a few weeks now. Not too many changes on the surface. The integration of Exposé into the Dock is probably one of the more visible changes. But being in an organisation where Microsoft Exchange is the chosen communication and, dare I say it, collaboration platform, the Exchange support Read more about iCal/Exchange Integration in Snow Leopard – Booking Shared Resources[…]

The Landing Pilot is the Non-Handling Pilot

The Landing Pilot is the Non-Handling Pilot until the “decision altitude” call, when the Handling Non-Landing Pilot hands the handling to the Non-Handling Landing Pilot, unless the latter calls “go-around”, in which case the Handling Non-Landing Pilot, continues Handling and the Non-Handling Landing Pilot continues non-handling until the next call of “land” or “go-around”, as Read more about The Landing Pilot is the Non-Handling Pilot[…]

Citemine: a new way to do peer review and publishing

As you probably know, I’m a ubicomp researcher by day. However, on the side, NICTA‘s allowed me to allocate some of my time to develop a new way for researchers to review and publish papers. We’ve deployed a very early proof-of-concept of our idea called Citemine. We think Citemine has several nice properties, including a Read more about Citemine: a new way to do peer review and publishing[…]

The PACE framework for context-aware computing

A long time ago, in a Cooperative Research Centre far, far away (well, actually, it used to be just across the road from where I’m writing this post, but it sadly met its demise), a small group of researchers worked on a ubiquitous computing project that came to be known as PACE: Pervasive Autonomic Context-aware Read more about The PACE framework for context-aware computing[…]

Free internet access on the train in Brisbane

Queensland Rail will be offering south-east Queensland commuters free wireless access to the internet from early 2010, according to the Minister for Transport, Rachel Nolan. This access will use spare capacity on the infrastructure used to transmit real-time video footage from surveillance cameras to QR’s control room at Central Station. One thing from that story Read more about Free internet access on the train in Brisbane[…]

Social Radar: Twitter on top

There are many ways to measure brand awareness. As in most analyses, you shouldn’t rely on any single metric to determine which brands have most mindshare. Having said that, the Social Radar Top 50 Social Brands ranking is interesting. It measures conversations and web chatter. According to the ranking, Twitter comes out on top. Google Read more about Social Radar: Twitter on top[…]

Jeffrey Ullman on the National Benefit

Once a year, NICTA’s external advisory boards, called ISAG/IBAG (International {Scientific, Business} Advisory Group), hold a meeting. There are some well known people on this panel, including Jeffrey D. Ullman, who is one of, if not the, most cited computer scientists. At the most recent ISAG/IBAG, the NICTA executive sought some advice on the potential Read more about Jeffrey Ullman on the National Benefit[…]

How do you like your coffee?

While enjoying a fantastic cup of coffee courtesy of the Kuranda Coffee Republic up near Cairns, I remembered that I wanted to write something about the various “socially responsible” trade organisations, specifically those that have a strong association to the coffee trade. Of late, there are two main socially responsible trade systems vying for your Read more about How do you like your coffee?[…]

Parents go north

My parents chose an “interesting” time to move to Cairns. It was the weekend of January 10-11, and Far North Queensland had been absolutely drenched by the storm systems accompanying Cyclone Charlotte. Cairns was isolated due to flooding, and parts of Cairns itself were underwater. The city, along with many other councils across the Far Read more about Parents go north[…]