The Rudd shop

Have you seen the Kevin Rudd memorabilia store? It’s a hoot. My favourite items are the Kevin Rudd Decisive Action Doll, and the School Computer. I certainly had a laugh, but one does have to wonder whether the Liberals might have found a better use of their limited funds… Nah!

A most singular election

It is a rare election that, by its outcome alone, achieves something so profound as the recent US presidential race. Ultimately, Barack Obama will, rightly, be judged by his accomplishments as the 44th President of the United States of America. He ascends to the presidency at a time of global economic turmoil; an era in Read more about A most singular election[…]

I need your help

Valued readers, would you be so kind as to lend 15 seconds of your time completing the following task for me, your humble host. I ask that, from among the five names below (which, for various reasons, all begin with the word “cite”), you choose the one name that you believe sounds the best. The Read more about I need your help[…]

Ben on ubicomp: spot on

True: Often we seem to use the term Ubiquitous Computing to mean “computers everywhere” as if just having the hardware all over the place was a worthwhile end in itself. But maybe a better meaning is “computing available when you want it in a way that makes sense for where you are and what you’re Read more about Ben on ubicomp: spot on[…]