Karen has finally replaced her decrepit, shamefully out-of-date “web site” (which she created using Microsoft Word – Microsoft Word, people!) with a shiny new photo blog. The site already features a number of great (and sometimes odd) photos taken with her brand spanking new Canon 450D. Take a look. Oh, and happy birthday, sweetheart!


I was looking for a desktop blogging client for an aspiring photo blogger. The one that seemed to meet all the requirements (free, works on a Mac, easy to upload photos stored in iPhoto, support for WordPress) is ScribeFire. It’s a plugin for Firefox and seems to be highly regarded by many bloggers. Uploading photos Read more about ScribeFire[…]

The best commentary on the global economic crisis

Believe it or not, some of the best commentary I’ve found on the financial crisis sweeping the globe has been on the Essential Baby forum. Two posts by someone called LucyE, made in the week leading up to the approval of the bail out plan, are particularly good. The second post is the better of Read more about The best commentary on the global economic crisis[…]