Ricky, Ruby and Rails (hypothetically speaking)

In the bits of spare time I get here and there, I’ve been continuing my hypothetical hunt for a language and web framework in which to implement my hypothetical "web 2.0" idea. It occurs to me that if all these little bits of spare time were clumped together so that I could, hypothetically, do some Read more about Ricky, Ruby and Rails (hypothetically speaking)[…]

Rediscovering closures and nested functions

When you’ve spent years coding pretty much everything in Java, it’s hard to break out of the Java way of doing things. It means that you tend to forget that other languages might have things called closures, for example. Here’s how a closure looks in Python: lambda x:dosomethingto(x,anothervariable) The neat thing is that this closure Read more about Rediscovering closures and nested functions[…]

Mod_python for the Mac

In case anyone’s interested, I’m making available a pre-built universal binary of mod_python 3.3.1 for Apache 2.2.8. I’m running Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.2 and Python 2.5.1. The DMG contains an installer package, and it will try to install mod_python to /usr/libexec/apache2, which is where the other apache modules are usually located. Use at your Read more about Mod_python for the Mac[…]