Startup: a hypothetical scenario

Picture yourself in the following situation. You’ve come up with what you think is a cool idea for a so-called web 2.0 site. Furthermore, you’ve managed to convince some VC types to invest some (pre-)seed funding – enough to develop a public beta. You developed a quick and dirty proof-of-concept to show the VCs, but Read more about Startup: a hypothetical scenario[…]

The Book Depository

Karen came across a fantastic online book store called The Book Depository. Its prices are highly competitive. But the best part is that they offer free shipping worldwide. We’ve already ordered five books from them: That’s Not My Puppy; That’s Not My Lion; Dear Zoo; The Art of the Start; and Programming Collective Intelligence. They Read more about The Book Depository[…]

A contrarian view on climate change

I’ve put this here, not because I agree with it, but because this kind of thing frequently goes unreported by the mainstream media. To me, this is worthy news, even if it’s not particularly good science. Manhattan Declaration on Climate Change “Global warming” is not a global crisis We, the scientists and researchers in climate Read more about A contrarian view on climate change[…]

Unit testing

Okay, I have something to confess: my record on using testing frameworks to debug software is not good. In fact, my record might show that pretty much all the testing I’ve done in the past has been conducted on an ad hoc basis, using a combination of debugger and strategically placed “print” statements. The only Read more about Unit testing[…]