The end of Movember

So, the last day of Movember has arrived, which means, tomorrow, my mo disappears. I’m in the awareness raising game rather than the money raising game this year, because I couldn’t get my act together. Maybe next year. Anyway, if you feel like donating some money to the Movember cause, I’m sure Michael and/or Jim Read more about The end of Movember[…]

Singapore’s MDA rocks on

In the wake of international criticism following its banning of the computer game Mass Effect and the subsequent lifting of the ban, Singapore’s Media Development Authority have released a hip hop video in which its executives rap about the role of the Authority. Ever wondered how to fit “service oriented architecture” into the lyrics of Read more about Singapore’s MDA rocks on[…]

Final observations on election 2007

Kevin Rudd and Labor have out-Liberaled the Liberals by saying they’ll spend $2.3 billion in their campaign launch compared to Howard’s whopping $8.5 billion. All I can say is good on them. Massive government spending in a time of real inflationary pressures is, as Kevin 2.0 puts it, reckless. I’ve noticed the Greens have been Read more about Final observations on election 2007[…]

Android – the open platform for mobile apps

So Android has been released. As I suspected, Google has not actually released a phone of their own. Could be an interesting platform for researchers in the mobile/ubiquitous computing space who want to develop prototypes quickly. One of the creators of the platform hopes that someone develops an application that can help interpret his wife’s Read more about Android – the open platform for mobile apps[…]

Own a share of a football club, and help pick the team

I’m fascinated by the idea of ordinary football fans being able to own a football club and collaborating to decide on which players to buy and sell. This idea is very close to reality as MyFootballClub has agreed terms with Ebbsfleet United FC to buy a controlling share of that club. MyFootballClub members get a Read more about Own a share of a football club, and help pick the team[…]