Internet or internet?

I’ve always used a capital ‘I’ when writing about “the Internet” – the publicly accessible network of interconnected computer networks. This is because I thought it was a proper noun, like “Shanghai”. It’s also useful, perhaps, to distinguish between the Internet and an internet, the latter being any internetworked set of computer networks. But the Read more about Internet or internet?[…]

Privacy in social software

If I was to enter your address and other personal details into an online application like Plaxo (an address book/calendar), and those details were leaked (or sold, for that matter – not that Plaxo would do that), how pissed would you be. Would you forgive me for storing your details in some third party database? Read more about Privacy in social software[…]

RUNES project: Fire in Tunnel scenario

The following video gives a taste of what ubiquitous computing researchers around the world are working towards. This video has particular relevance for the SAFE project, because it deals with an emergency scenario. It’s a professionally made video, and very interesting to watch. One hopes RUNES didn’t blow their whole budget on this! (To be Read more about RUNES project: Fire in Tunnel scenario[…]