Schulze & Webb: Awesome

Before I go any further with this post, I want to thank Ben for imploring the readers of his blog to check out this presentation from some guys called Schulze & Webb. These days, you get pointers to so much stuff out there on the web, a lot of it interesting, but a lot of Read more about Schulze & Webb: Awesome[…]

Against academic hermits

In writing about the misconceptions of collaboration, I hadn’t expected that anyone would interpret my article as arguing against any kind of grouping of researchers, but it’s come to my attention that at least one reader has interpreted it that way, and a re-reading of my post tells me that’s a fair enough interpretation of Read more about Against academic hermits[…]

Difference between social media and old media

In listing a few of the differences between new (social) media and old media, Scoble writes The media above can’t be changed. A newspaper can’t magically change its stories, even if society decides something in them is incorrect. My blog can be updated for all readers nearly instantly if someone demonstrates that I was wrong Read more about Difference between social media and old media[…]

I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC

After a week of using the MacBook Pro that NICTA bought me (strictly for work purposes, of course), I gotta say, I love it! The MacBook Pro will be replacing my Windows desktop at work, and it’s also for taking back and forth between home and work and for taking to conferences etc. I’ve been Read more about I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC[…]

The changes continue

I’m continuing to fiddle with this weblog in whatever spare time I have. Just think, in the cumulative time I’ve spent blogging and stuffing around with this website, I probably could have built a small house. Anyway, I’ve added an “About” page and a “Disclaimer” page, the latter being about as useful as a lawyer Read more about The changes continue[…]

Web 2.0 not here yet

Now that this weblog has clearly entered the realm of Web 2.0, I will claim, contradictorily, that Web 2.0 has not actually arrived yet (not outside of computer science laboratories, anyway), and that we are still using the same old Web that always existed. Web 2.0, it proponents claim, is about linking people while Web Read more about Web 2.0 not here yet[…]