Gettin’ wid it

I’ve made some changes to this weblog. I’m strutting into the brave new(ish) world of Web 2.0, which is difficult, since it doesn’t exist yet – more to follow in a future post on that point. For the moment, let’s assume that Web 2.0 is real. Then, notice that I’m “strutting” and not simply “moving” Read more about Gettin’ wid it[…]

Maiala Rainforest Teahouse and Restaurant

For Australia Day, Karen and I retreated to Mount Glorious, where we sampled the Devonshire Tea at Maiala Rainforest Teahouse and Restaurant on Mount Glorious Road. The best part was the beverages. I had English Breakfast tea from the Sir Thomas Lipton premium tea range, which I hadn’t had before. It’s almost as good as Read more about Maiala Rainforest Teahouse and Restaurant[…]

How to Get Things Done

After a recommendation from Rhys, I read David Allen’s How to Get Things Done (called Getting Things Done (GTD) in the USA and elsewhere). I’d heard of GTD in various places such as 43 Folders and Tim Mansfield’s blog, and I’m positive that Ben mentioned it to me some years ago, but for one reason Read more about How to Get Things Done[…]

Inside NICTA

I’ve instituted a new post category on The Thin Line called “Inside NICTA”. NICTA is, of course, where I currently work. In this category I’ll be writing about things going on inside Australia’s information and communications technology Centre of Excellence, singing its praises and challenging it to be even better than it currently is, all Read more about Inside NICTA[…] gets a facelift has served as my personal website for many years now, although I think that it has been rather usurped by The Thin Line in recent times. To address this concern, will now serve as my professional website, documenting my research and listing my publications. The Thin Line weblog will now be the place Read more about gets a facelift[…]