Beazley on Uranium

Kim Beazley, leader of the opposition, is asking his colleagues in the Labor Party to support an about-face with regards to their long-standing “no-new-mines” uranium mining policy. Essentially, Beazley is now arguing that new uranium mines should be opened so that Australia can benefit economically from responsible mining of the fissile material. Nevertheless, Beazley is Read more about Beazley on Uranium[…]

Strong AI by 2029

Earlier this month, Ray Kurzweil presented a paper at the Dartmouth Artificial Intelligence Conference which proclaimed that strong AI will be possible within the next 25 years: 2029, specifically, is the year he’s suggested a machine will first pass the Turing Test. If he’s right, what a time to be alive! Even if he’s wrong Read more about Strong AI by 2029[…]

Classic look returns

I had always intended to reinstate the original “Shades of Grey” look for The Thin Line after moving it to WordPress from my DIY blogging solution. Well, yesterday I finally found a bit of time to create a WordPress theme that comes fairly close to the look I originally created. Some people don’t care for Read more about Classic look returns[…]