On violence, dishonesty and cowardice in football

It’s been just over a week since the momentous day Australia qualified for the World Cup. Reading the various news articles and blog posts relating to the Australian victory has been interesting. The overwhelming majority of the writings have been very positive. There’s one somewhat less favourable blog post that I find I just have Read more about On violence, dishonesty and cowardice in football[…]

Finally, we’re through

Yesterday, I was edgy. I could barely eat dinner. I was a bundle of nerves. For last night the Socceroos faced off against Uruguay in the second leg of the World Cup Qualifier by the end of which we’d either have qualified for the World Cup in Germany next year or be condemned to another Read more about Finally, we’re through[…]

Terror threat in Brisbane

This is quite alarming. If the threat is real, may the culprits be arrested and thrown in gaol for the rest of their pathetic, insignificant lives. Do the new laws allow for that? If the threat isn’t real, then could the authorities please have the public transport system up and running again by 5pm this Read more about Terror threat in Brisbane[…]

Seamless and Seamful Computing

A few weeks back Ben and I met at Three Monkeys for a chat about work and life in general. Inevitably, our discussion turned to pervasive computing. Ben spoke about the idea of seamfulness as opposed to seamlessness, which I found interesting. He’s written a short blog entry about it. I think the quote in Read more about Seamless and Seamful Computing[…]

High Tea at the City Garden’s Cafe

On Sunday previous, we (Karen’s family and mine) celebrated Karen’s birthday at the City Gardens Cafe. Neither Karen nor I had ever partaken of a proper high tea before, so it was something we were both looking forward to. Since I haven’t done a Devonshire Tea review in a while, I will do a short Read more about High Tea at the City Garden’s Cafe[…]