France, Belgium and Holland

Karen and I are leaving for France at 3pm today (right now it’s just after midnight on Saturday morning). I’m almost packed (I think). I can’t wait! Everything has come together at just the right time: thesis submitted, holiday accommodation and transport arrangements all sorted out and a new job waiting for me when I Read more about France, Belgium and Holland[…]

You are experiencing minor technical difficulties

On the way back from lunch today, the elevator in GP South got stuck somewhere near the third floor. It jolted to a halt, and the recorded voice told us, in a very soothing tone, that You are experiencing minor technical difficulties. Actually, I thought, it’s you who’s experiencing minor technical difficulties – we’re just Read more about You are experiencing minor technical difficulties[…]

Temperature forecast for France

Below are the temperature forecasts for the places we’ll be visiting in France, Belgium and Holland. Each forecast is for the first day on which we’ll be in a particular city/province. The temperatures, except for those of Paris, are the average temperatures for the relevant day of the year. Given that temperatures this year appear Read more about Temperature forecast for France[…]